iPad as Digital Photoframe – Digitaler Bilderrahmen

I was looking for a way to give my grandparents a digital photoframe. All the available photoframes i’ve seen had drawbacks, were expensive or must use an external cloud provider. What i was looking for was simple photoframe App that could run on an old iPad 2 and just displays pictures. Also it must be as easy as possible for my grandparents to use the galery as they are very old. Further i wanted my family to be able to send pictures to the photoframe.

The first approach with the iCloud galery had the drawback that i need to explain how to start the galery app and the slideshow. This didn’t work out for me. I’ve downloaded 1-2 apps but even the paid versions of them did not satisfied my needs. Thus i’ve decided to do this by myself and start googling.

If this sounds interesting for you, you need the following:

  • A Tablet / iPad
  • Webspace (maybe with Cronjob functionality)
  • A dedicated Mail Address


Add Pictures via Email to a Dropbox folder and display those images in a Slideshow in a browser with nearly 0 interaction. Runs on any Tablet / iPad and can act as a Digital Photoframe.

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