iPad as Digital Photoframe – Digitaler Bilderrahmen

I was looking for a way to give my grandparents a digital photoframe. All the available photoframes i’ve seen had drawbacks, were expensive or must use an external cloud provider. What i was looking for was simple photoframe App that could run on an old iPad 2 and just displays pictures. Also it must be as easy as possible for my grandparents to use the galery as they are very old. Further i wanted my family to be able to send pictures to the photoframe.

The first approach with the iCloud galery had the drawback that i need to explain how to start the galery app and the slideshow. This didn’t work out for me. I’ve downloaded 1-2 apps but even the paid versions of them did not satisfied my needs. Thus i’ve decided to do this by myself and start googling.

If this sounds interesting for you, you need the following:

  • A Tablet / iPad
  • Webspace (maybe with Cronjob functionality)
  • A dedicated Mail Address


Add Pictures via Email to a Dropbox folder and display those images in a Slideshow in a browser with nearly 0 interaction. Runs on any Tablet / iPad and can act as a Digital Photoframe.

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Building Docker Images in a Jenkins Pipeline with a DIND Jenkins Agent

This post describes on how to reliable build Docker images on a central build infrastructure using Jenkins. It will describe how to configure the Jenkins, how to build a Jenkins Agents with a Docker-in-Docker-Approach, run the Agent of a separate hardware and use a descriptive pipeline for the Job. „Building Docker Images in a Jenkins Pipeline with a DIND Jenkins Agent“ weiterlesen

Workaround: Getting ghettoVCB backup running with ESXi 6

I’ve set up an ESXi 6.0 system on a HP Workstation Z240 and its running perfectly fine.

As i’ve some important machines running on that system the backup of them is quiet important for me. After doing some Google research i’ve found the quiet good and user-friendly tool HP VM Explorer. The drawback from my point of view is that is quiet expensive and after some more research i’ve found a good alternative: the OpenSource tool „ghettoVCB“.

That tool is available for free and well documented on the VMWare help pages. It is written by some Technical Specialist that works for VMWare and is also blogging about his Job. I like the script as it covers also he backup & recovery modes, it handles the house-keeping and can shutdown and startup the machines. 

So this blog post is not about how you can setup the ghettoVCB scripts because the linked instructions are quiet good and can be followed easily. Its about working around the limited access to the ESXi operating system.

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Jenkins Plugin Development: Install Plugins with CURL

Today i would like to write about my development experience with the continuous integration server Jenkins. This article is targeting developers, who are doing plugin development for Jenkins.

As i find it annoying in building the plugin locally, uploading the plugin through the Jenkins updateCenter, restart the box and doing the next test, i was searching for an easy way to fasten this process. 

The CURL interface of Jenkins is easy to use but i think its hard to find a good documentation about it and how to use it correctly. Therefore here is an easy tutorial, on how to install new plugins to your Jenkins box and restart it afterwards using CURL. „Jenkins Plugin Development: Install Plugins with CURL“ weiterlesen